Does Sowing the Seeds apply to you?

Sowing the Seeds tends toward clients ages 25-50 who are starting and raising families. Retirement is still a long way off.

You work hard for your money, and the best way to utilize it for your future is to create a plan that benefits you. By sowing the seeds, you’re allowing yourself to accumulate more wealth and provide yourself with a comfortable and worry-free future.

What is Sowing the Seeds?

A great harvest doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of a well-designed plan of action. At Winnow Wealth, we help you design a plan that leads to a better harvest. Your plan may benefit from the following:


Create a Financial Plan


Get Out of Debt


Choosing the Best Investments


Life Insurance Planning


Maximize Company Benefits


Tax Mitigation Strategies


How Much to Invest


Saving for College

Investment Management Services

When planting anything, you need a plan. Through our investment management services, we aid you in planning how you plant your wealth. 

Investment Management Services Include:

Tax minimization strategies.

Investment results reported quarterly.

Educated approach to develop asset allocation, 
including passively managed mutual funds and ETFs.

How to manage funding appropriate retirement accounts.

Cohesive strategy including outside accounts such as 401k plans.

Managing needs for withdrawals, transfers, and wires.

Timely investment of new deposits.

Analytical rebalancing process.

Accessing online accounts.

Investment Management services start at 1% of assets managed.

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