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Winnow (verb) \ˈwi-nō\

Definition: To separate the essential parts from the unnecessary waste, leaving behind what is most valuable.

Inefficient Finances

Do you find yourself...

Juggling numerous accounts in your household?

Wondering what your income needs will be in retirement?

Unsure if you have saved enough to retire?

Worrying about running out of money in retirement?

Questioning if your family is protected for the future?

These concerns highlight common signs of financial inefficiency. Effectively addressing these issues calls for a holistic and strategic approach to financial planning, ensuring stability and security across different life stages.

Financial Efficiency

Experience the liberation of financial efficiency, where the burden of juggling accounts and anxieties about retirement fade away, replaced by a sense of control and peace of mind. This allows for a smoother, more confident approach to future planning. Financial efficiency looks like...

Consolidated accounts with intentional purposes for each

Having a clear plan for reliable income during retirement

Clarity that your retirement savings are sufficient to support your lifestyle and financial goals during retirement

Peace of mind knowing risks are identified and well-managed

Here is how the Winnow Way process can help...

Our Winnow Way process

helps people get retired and stay retired!

Our approach ensures your financial accounts are streamlined for efficiency and protection,
guiding you to a retirement that not only starts
strong but stays secure.

Step One


With goals in mind and the relevant financial data at hand, we work to formulate a comprehensive plan for your future. This serves as a pivotal step in optimizing your wealth by laying the groundwork for informed decision-making and sustainable financial success.

Step Two


"Winnow" refers to refining or narrowing choices to retain what is valuable while discarding what is unnecessary. In the Winnow stage, we focus on optimizing your finances by streamlining accounts, minimizing duplication, and reducing complexity.

Step Three


During the Refine stage, we focus on optimizing income streams and strategically allocating resources. We review diversifying investments, explore income sources, and consider tax management strategies such as portfolio rebalancing and the use of tax-advantaged accounts.

Step Four


We carefully assess and mitigate potential threats to your financial well-being, and delve into legacy planning and long-term care considerations. This solidifies a comprehensive approach to safeguarding and enhancing your wealth for you and your loved ones.

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Unlock Financial Efficiency

  • Taking inventory of your financial life

  • Determining what is important

  • Consolidating the complexity

Why Choose Winnow?

We specialize in creating financial efficiency through our innovative Winnow Way process. Our approach ensures your financial accounts are streamlined for efficiency and protection, guiding you to a retirement that not only starts strong but stays secure.

Meet Chad Castle, our seasoned financial strategist at the forefront of our Winnow Way process. With a keen eye for optimizing financial structures, Chad is dedicated to crafting personalized solutions that lead to lasting financial efficiency for our clients. His strategic insights expertly guide people through the complexity, ensuring their accounts are not only streamlined but also designed to withstand uncertainties.

And introducing Jessica Burch, our meticulous operations leader with a passion for precision in financial planning. Through the Winnow Way process, Jessica excels in fine-tuning financial accounts to achieve optimal efficiency and protection. Jessica has expertise in tax preparation, retirement income, and financial planning and guides clients through the journey of managing finances. Jessica's commitment is to empower clients with financial confidence, ensuring a secure and prosperous future.


Chad Castle, RICP® and Jessica Burch, MBA

How We Operate

At the core of our philosophy is a steadfast commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and transparency, supporting our mission to foster meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


Streamlining financial processes for clarity and ease of understanding


Maximizing effective financial strategies to achieve optimal results, declutter accounts, and meet your goals


Providing open and clear communication to build trust and empower informed decision-making

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