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Welcome to Winnow Wealth, where financial expertise meets a personal touch. With over 50 years of combined experience and diverse backgrounds, our team is a dynamic force ready to assist clients of all types. From young individuals embarking on their financial journey to established couples planning their retirement and legacy, Winnow Wealth is committed to helping everyone utilize their finances efficiently.

Chad Castle, RICP®

With over two decades of experience guiding individuals towards their financial aspirations, Chad understands wealth is not just about money; it's about dreams, goals, family, and legacy. His approach goes beyond numbers, focusing on dignity and self-reliance.

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Jessica Burch,

Offering a comprehensive range of services related to retirement income and financial planning, Jessica's commitment to building relationships with clients is clear in her attention to detail and dedication to guiding them through their financial journey.

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David Nuckols, CPA, RICP®

With David's extensive accounting background, he has plans for a bright future with Winnow Wealth. He offers his experience to your financial planning to show you the best path forward. David is a firm believer in investing with intent.

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Steven Fleuriet

Bringing a decade of expertise in corporate ethics and compliance, Steven's background and commitment enriches our collective proficiency. Steven is currently taking coursework to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

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At Winnow Wealth, we are not just financial advisors; we are partners in your financial success, dedicated to empowering you to achieve your dreams.

The Meaning of Winnow

The term "winnow" holds great significance at Winnow Wealth, embodying the essence of our financial philosophy.

To winnow is to separate the valuable from the extraneous, an ancient agricultural practice of separating grain from chaff. In the context of Winnow Wealth, this process directly aligns with our commitment to refining financial strategies, helping our clients sift through the complexities of their financial landscape to discern what truly matters. Much like separating the wheat from the chaff, we guide individuals in identifying and retaining the essential elements of their financial portfolio while eliminating unnecessary complexities.

By strategically winnowing through accounts and financial intricacies, we empower our clients to focus on what truly contributes to their financial well-being, ensuring a streamlined and purposeful approach to wealth management. At Winnow Wealth, we believe in the power of clarity and simplicity, helping you cultivate a financial future that is both meaningful and resilient.

Chad and Jessica, Co-Founders

How We Operate

At the core of our philosophy is a steadfast commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and transparency, supporting our mission to foster meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


Streamlining financial processes for clarity and ease of understanding


Maximizing effective financial strategies to achieve optimal results, declutter accounts, and meet your goals


Providing open and clear communication to build trust and empower informed decision-making

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