September 2022 Market Watch


Investors are hoping strong seasonal factors, the slowing of inflation, and positive earnings growth will provide a boost to markets as we head into fall.

August 2022 Market Watch


Don’t call it a comeback… at least not yet. After a rough first half of the year, July provided a breather for financial markets.

What is Diversification


One of the most common general rules when it comes to building a solid investment portfolio is diversification.

Growth vs. Value Investing


You may have heard the terms growth stocks and value stocks before, but what is the difference? Is one really better than the other?

July 2022 Market Watch


We are halfway through 2022, and just saw arguably one of the worst 6-month time periods ever for financial markets (when looking at both stocks and bonds combined).

The Impact of Increasing Rates


Earlier this month, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 0.75%, marking the highest raise in rates since the 1990s.